Tuesday, September 06, 2005


I finally saw Constantine this weekend. It's a movie I wanted to see when it first came out, but it wasn't the sort of thing I'd go to a theater to see. Plus, since my son was born, we've seen a grand total of one movie in a theater...so that's precious real estate that I have to save for something worthy (like Batman Begins).

This is a fantastic movie that is just ripe with theological discussion starters. I don't know how anyone could leave this movie and not wonder if there's actually a hell...and if they could end up there. Aside from Gabriel's unbalanced ending, his (her?) plain and simple explanation of grace to Constantine was just brilliant.

And the line from Angela that she doesn't believe in the devil, and Constantine says, "You should. He believes in you." Fantastic.

Midnight is an intersting character. He runs a bar that is "neutral ground" for angels and demons to play in. But by the end of the movie he realizes that by remaining neutral, he's actually chosen the side of the devil.

Much of the theology was absolutely screwy, but there is a ton to think about, ponder, and discuss from this movie. Don't dismiss it as a religious Resident Evil. It's much more.

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