Friday, August 26, 2005

Crusader Rex

So Skippen and I played our first game of Crusader Rex, the new Columbia block game about the Crusades.

My first impression is that I'm going to like this. We played a MAJOR siege rule wrong, and surely some small ones that I haven't noticed yet. It was tense, and there were some interesting decisions to be made. It's also shown me that I don't have the mind-set for least yet. I never feel like I'm planning anything other than that very move. Long-term? What's long-term? I'm just along for the ride, and then the end comes...I've won or I've lost. And I'm not sure why, either way.

I read someone's session report and how they used the Turcopoles (I think) to block roadways to fortresses because they fight first and so can just retreat, slowing the enemy up considerably. I literally smacked my forehead on that one. It would have taken me forever to think of that...if I ever did. And that's a fairly basic tactic, I would think. D'oh!

I love wargames...and I keep buying them. In fact, Carthage arrived yesterday, and this thing is a Beast. In terms of complexity, it makes Crusader Rex look like CandyLand. Will I ever play it? Maybe. Will I win if I do play it? Most likely, no. Will I have a blast losing? Yes.

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