Tuesday, September 20, 2005

TV Wasteland--Part 1

It's that time of year...where I make an effort to watch every single new show that sounds even mildly interesting to see if anything sticks. In the last few years (or seasons, or whatever) the new shows have been just terrible, but this year I still have high hopes as the networks are trying to cash in on the Lost phenomenon and create interesting, mysterious shows. In my opinion, Lost and The Office are the only good shows to come out of last year--with Lost being the most gripping show I think I've ever seen.

I've taped a few of the newbies to be watched when I have time, but I did manage to see Supernatural and How I Met Your Mother.

Supernatural is on the WB, and was genuinely interesting and creepy. It reminded me of The X-Files: Weird happenings in small-town USA, complete with crazy local characters and some mild humor thrown in to diffuse the creepiness. Unfortunately, this probably won't get watched much by me, as it's on Tuesdays (my regular gaming night), and is on at the same time as My Name is Earl and The Office, which will be the recipients of my precious VCR time.

How I Met Your Mother...I have to read the USA Today for my job (looking for interesting articles to write my own articles about), and they gave this show 3 1/2 out of 4 stars--whoa! How could I not watch it?
This was beyond bad. The show is "cleverly" staged as a father telling his kids about how he met their mother (hence the title). But the believability issues start with the first of many sex references that are unlikely to be included in even the most liberal parent's love story told to the kiddos. The writing is lame, the dialogue unbelievable and unfunny, and it's delivered by actors who are clearly not used to doing a traditional sitcom. They deliver these stiff lines, and there's a hesitation, or maybe expectant pause, at the end as if they're leaving room for the laugh track. It's TERRIBLE. I want that half-hour of my life back...and I'll never trust the USA Today again. What witless simian is reviewing TV over there?

The good news is that so far Mondays are wide open TV-wise. If the MNF game is good, I'll watch. Otherwise I have an extra night. To be continued...

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