Thursday, May 18, 2006


Well, Medina did get played and Verrater did not.
I'm not sure what to think of Medina. I liked some of the mechanics, but it seemed too short, and not I'll definitely try to get it played again, but we'll see if anyone bites.

Das Endes des Triumvirats was the big game of the night. I'm still not sure what I feel about it. There are some very cool mechanics going on. I really like games where there are multiple ways to win, and it's fun jockeying for position in something while watching out for someone else winning in another area. In the end, though, it seems to suffer from the multiplayer wargame problem of..."Ahh, you just won a big battle against the other guy. Well done. And now that your forces are depleted I'm going to waltz in and take it from you. Bwaa haa haa..." Like I said, great ideas, but I'm not sure I'll be buying. Plus, since Z-Man is producing it, it'll likely be at least $10 more than comparable games from publishers like Rio Grande Games. If you're going to overcharge me it had better be a great Reef Encounter.

I've been writing a lot about games. God stuff soon.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Games and More Games

It was a great Tuesday, in no small part because Daren and Cory made an appearance after a while away.

First we played Kreta. This was one I'd been wanting to try after hearing great things, but alas, it's only available as an import. It's an area-control game, which has been done to death, but this has some cool new twists: There are numerous different pieces, such as the Abbot, villages, and ships, each of which has different powers and influence. There are also cards from which you choose roles, allowing you to move pieces, and even control scoring, which is a very cool mechanic.I really liked it, but I'm not sure I need to go to the trouble to hunt one down. If an American publisher picks this up, though, I'm all over it.

Next up was Saboteur, a new filler I'd picked up. It's good, and lives up to expectations: A 20-minute no-brainer that doesn't overstay its welcome. Plus it's got hidden roles...which I like a lot.

Last was Keythedral. The first time I'd played this I'd liked it, but I wasn't wowed. This time was MUCH more enjoyable, and I count this a major success. My favorite thing is that it's a completely cutthroat game wrapped in a cute little package...I love that!

Tomorrow I'm hoping to play Medina and Verrater for the first time. We'll see.