Friday, January 05, 2007

How do writers blog?

I'm a why is updating my blog so hard for me? I can pop off 100 words on just about anything in no time flat...but updating this doggone blog is almost impossible.

I think it's because most bloggers aren't writers. They just barf whatever's on their minds onto their blog. (I'm not saying that's a bad thing.At least they're updating.)

Whereas I'm constantly self-editing everything. Even to the point where I'm wondering if what I'm writing is even worth writing about.

So I suppose I can make a resolution to update more frequently. But like most resolutions, it'll likely fall to the wayside.

Tune in tomorrow when I opine on whether toilet paper ought to roll from the top or the bottom. (Here's a preview: Only Nazis have theirs roll under.)


kf gallagher said...


As wife, mother, FT teacher and writer and (recently) blogger, only two things have kept writing from being shoved to the side of my life: attending a writing group (to which I feel beholden to produce work) and updating my blog.

I don't update every day, but I find that doing so every other day or so keeps writing foremost in my mind, and getting responses from across the country and the world makes me feel like "it's happening!" Also, I can report on the progress of my work, which keeps me conscious of how it's going, and makes me keep going.

My blog is only focussed on my writing and publishing, not about my whole life, which saves me from feeling like I'm writing about mundane things that don't matter.

I also feel (and see in mine and my students' work) that literally the more you write the better you become. So even these bits and bites are bettering us, I think.


Drew said...

So it's not just me, then. When composing an entry of any substance, I am constantly editing and rewriting. And I know that it's going to take awhile, and that my wife and children would rather I be out of my office and interacting with them.

Shauna said...

Hi Scott! How are you? I randomly came across a Paul Thurrott article the other day and decided to Google some of the old editorial group. Good to find you here and see some of your articles at Group! I'm a stay-at-home mom now and have two girls. Hope you're doing well!

(FWIW, I don't have any problems blogging, but my persnickety internal editor won't let me write anything real!)