Sunday, April 09, 2006


If there's one game that is almost universally loved on the Geek, it's Tichu. And being a fan of trick-taking games, I really wanted to play...until I played. You see, Tichu is one of those game where anyone who has played before has a massive edge over someone who hasn't. And as we decided what the teams would be it fell this way: Dan (who was the one person who'd played before) teamed with Randy (who has played more hands of Spades than everyone else I've ever met...combined). That left skippen and I as a team. We should have split them up differently, but we didn't. So it was a massacre.

The mechanics are alright, but very obtuse. We should have played at least one hand open, explaining why we'd want to do such and such. Instead, Dan's method of teaching was: Here's how you play. Now I'm going to crush you. Wasn't that fun?


I don't blame Dan, though, because the stupidest part of the game is the bombs. "Oh, you had an 11-card straight? That's nice. I just happened to get dealt four of a kind, so I'm bombing it. Ha, ha." What?!? How in the @#($*! is that fun? wasn't all bad because after that we played my very favorite game, The Princes of Florence. I adore that game. I once played a 5-player game that ended in a tie, and I won because I had one more florin than Cory. Now that was an absolute blast.

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