Monday, September 11, 2006


Target has the complete series of Firefly on sale this week for 19 bucks. For whatever reason, I'd put off buying the series, but it's paid off in a big way. What a deal.

I watched the "first" episode when it premiered on Fox—I had no idea they were already undercutting it by showing the third episode first. I loved it. I was never a fan of Buffy or Angel, but I always admired the dialogue and the writing. Even though Joss didn't write/direct every episode, his influence is on all of this fantastic series.

I admire writers who can write good dialogue. Elmore Leonard is a master at it, and Joss Whedon is very good. I've always wondered why people are so forgiving of writers who can write a good plot, but whose dialogue sounds more wooden than my coffee table. (Cough—Robert Ludlum—Cough)

I'll be trying out Stephenson's Rocket tomorrow night. I've read the rules at least 4 times, but I have no idea what a good strategy might be. This is one time where having read the rules beforehand will earn me absolutely no advantage. Still sounds interesting, though. And it's a Knizia...

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Anonymous said...

Elmore Leonard fan? Cool. I think I blew through everything he wrote (except for a few westerns) when he first came to broader recognition around 1985. High Noon in Detroit, Split Images, and Freaky Deaky are my faves.

Kevin Moody