Friday, February 17, 2006

First SpielbyWeb game...I actually won!

Anyone who has played with me will realize the importance of this statement. I'm one of those people who rarely win games, but have a heckuva fun time losing. So when I win, it's total gravy.

I'm intimidated by BSW, so finding a Web-based gaming environment in English was great. The only game I knew how to play was Amun-Re, so when Alfred mentioned in his great blog that he was starting up a game, I jumped on it.

Not sure what exactly I did to win, but I'm very happy. He and I are playing a second game, but I think I'm going to crash and burn on that one. That I'm used to. And Alfred, if you ever want to start another game, lemme know.



Alfred said...

Thanks for playing!

These games seem to be popular...especially since I keep being so "gracious" in my own play, I suspect...I'll probably start some up every couple of months or so.

Daren said...

Potential future opponents may be misled (unintentionally) by Firestone IV's modesty. Truly, he has trounced me many a time...